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Covid 19 and dealing with it in my own way

Like everyone else, this horrible virus has effected many aspects of my life.

Work has completely stopped, as I cannot do what I do safely without risk.

Home-life is very different to the "norm".

My Fiance is working from home and stepson is off school. We have never spent so much time together!

This we have come to see as a blessing. We get to interact and help each other deal with things that come along. There are many who are isolated and do not have this companionship, so I am very grateful for what I do have. I miss my other children, as they are isolating with their mum, but we are in contact through the medium of our phones and the internet.

Walks and exercise have become a focus in order to keep busy, along with all the jobs at home and in the garden that can now be tackled with this unexpected break.

I will add photos to my social feed of past jobs and other things - such as the beautiful views and countryside that we are privileged to call our home and maybe even work in progress from my own garden projects !

Stay safe, stay at home.

Anthony - The Malvern Handyman

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